Gimbal “XAircraft Stella” Brushless


Compatibile con GoPro 3+ e dal design compatto, XAircraft Stella  è estremamente piccola (120g) e facile da montare. Viene venduta in kit con gimbal, motori e controller, oltre a 4 dump in gomma antivibrazioni, cavi a 3 pin e plug USB.

– Estremamente leggera, solo 120g
– Due modalità attivabili: Rate e Position
– Rotazione di 90° viia switch
– Software personalizzabile integrato ed aggiornabile
– GoPro 3 USB charging port/AV out

Camera: GoPro Hero3/Hero3+
Wind-resistence: <8m/s (17.9mph/28.8 km/h)
Max Remote Control Angle: Roll -10°-10°, Pitch -110°-20°
Attituide Precision: 0.08°
Environment Temperature Limits: -10°C-55°C
Remote Controller: Standard receiver with minimum 9 Channel or S.BUS   Receiver
Config Software: Windows System only
Electronic Specification: Voltage DC 10.5V-22.2V (3S-6S)
Power consumption: Max 10.2W (0.85A@12.0V), Normal (0.25A@12.0V)
Weight: 120g/195g (with GoPro onboard)

stella gimbalstella gimbal2

a) Mode1: When you pitch 90°, STELLA is looking straight down.
b) Mode2: When you pitch 90°, STELLA is looking straight up. With some modifications to the mounting system you can use STELLA on a model plane rather than a multicopter.
1. Initial Angle: This is the initial angle of your GoPro after STELLA is powered up.
2. Default Mode: The default control mode when connection is via a standard receiver.
3. Remote Control Angle Limit: You can tune the angle limits controlled via your transmitter for pitch and roll.
4. Stick Control Gain: This controls the rotation speed of the gimbal. The smaller the gain, the slower speed

RcGroups: Stella Gimbal

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